Our Team



When Chelsea was 11 years old, she started making her own clothes with a needle, thread, and scrap fabric. Chelsea joined the LIV Factory Team in 2014 where she used a sewing machine for the first time and it was evident that she had a talent to create beautiful things. Here, she also met Jesus and LIV became a community of hope for her. ‘Because of this place I am still strong and surviving’ says Chelsea, who has had to endure many difficulties in her life. Since May 2019, Chelsea has been part of the LIV Creative team- blessing our world with her creative skills. Purchasing a product from LIV Creative supports Chelsea and her family. Your purchase also supports children at LIV Village.



Nonjabulo has journeyed with the LIV Family since 2012. On this road together she has met Jesus and grown in understanding of the provision and love of God as a father. In 2014 LIV offered her a sewing course. This was the start of releasing a God given talent. As a single mother, Nonjabulo saw an opportunity to develop skills and provide more for her kids. Her determination has been ongoing. From the LIV clothing factory to the LIV Creative team in 2018- she creates outstanding products! By purchasing this product you are helping Nonjabulo provide for her family and reach her dream of working in fashion. Your purchase also aids the sustainability of LIV Village.