About Us

LIV CREATIVE is a store that embodies the loving and vibrant community of LIV Village. Every time you purchase a LIV Creative product you help create jobs for our local community and restore their worth. Your support also helps raise funds for LIV Village.

 This is Nonjabolo Sikbeko. Nonjabolo is one of the women behind LIV CREATIVE. LIV Village has been a beacon of HOPE for her and has provided a place for her to release her gifts and talents.

Nonjabulo started attending LIV Church in 2012 and started working at LIV in 2013 as a domestic worker. In 2014 LIV offered a life skills and sewing course to women in the community. As a single mother with three children, Nonjabulo saw an opportunity to equip herself to provide better for her family.

Despite being pregnant as well as without an income at the time of training, Nonjabolo was determined to finish. Since then, her determination has been ongoing and it shines through in her care and attention to detail in all her work. Nonjabolo has created outstanding products for the LIV Creative range.

Nonjabulo loves learning new things and meeting different people. Her dream is to build a house for her family and children. Currently Nonjabulo and her older sister, Makhosi Sithole, are living in a small shack in Cottonlands along with their children. They lost their mother at age ten and were raised by their grandmother.

Thank you for investing in their lives and for supporting the LIV family!